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Bio-Trigger Mechanism (BTM)

Minimum Order at-least 10 liters Soil Amendment can be undertaken by Bio-Trigger Mechanism i.e. BTM. It harnesses the existing power in the future. It contains beneficial families of naturally occurring soil microbes as well as humic acid. The combination results in an efficient conversion of (chemical and) organic fertilizers into readily available, nature given plant nutrients. Plants with easy access to essential nutrients have more energy for the production of roots, shoots, leaves. They also demonstrate great resistance to disease, frost and other environmental stresses. Why not use these forces provided by nature. The whole process enhances the rhizome area surrounding the roots. Healthy soils with higher level of microbial activity are less compacted and provide an easier path for growing roots. They also curtail the activity and emergence of pathogens and growth of weeds

Humic acid (HA)

Minimum Order at-least 10 liters Humic acid - an organic acid component of humus, which is rich in carbon. Loss of humus and humic acid in soils is a significant factor in lower levels of soil fertility. Natural soil fertility develops from the breakdown of organic material. The natural microbial process in your soil will improve soil fertility by creating humus, a composted organic matter which has greater moisture retention capabilities. Contact +91 9284081493 to understand advantage and usage guidance