Healthy Diet

Food Safety during COVID

healthy food for covid

During the COVID-19 epidemic, eating a nutritious diet is critical. Our body’s ability to prevent, fight, and recover from infections is influenced by what we eat and drink.

Healthy diets are vital for maintaining immune systems, while no foods or dietary supplements may prevent or cure COVID-19 infection. In addition, good nutrition can minimise the risk of acquiring various health problems.

Suggestions for maintaining a healthy diet

  1. Consume a diverse diet, including fruits and vegetables.
  2. Cut back on salt
  3. Eat moderate amounts of fats and oils
  4. Limit sugar intake
  5. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated
  6. Avoid consuming dangerous and toxic amounts of alcohol.

Tips for Food Safety during COVID-19

COVID-19 cannot be transmitted through food or food packaging, according to research. COVID-19 is assumed to be passed from one individual to the next.

  1. Maintain a clean environment.
  2. Separate the raw and cooked ingredients.
  3. Cook the food thoroughly
  4. Maintain a safe temperature for food.
  5. Safe water and raw materials should be used

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